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2024 Online Worship


To listen to the Gospel and Sermon, click the underlined hyperlink “audio” for that date. To view/download the order of worship for the corresponding date, click the “bulletin” hyperlink for that date.

01/07/2024       Audio    Bulletin

01/14/2024       Audio    Bulletin

01/21/2024       Audio    Bulletin

01/28/2024       Audio    Bulletin

02/04/2024       Audio    Bulletin

02/11/2024       Audio    Bulletin

02/18/2024       Audio    Bulletin

02/25/2024       Audio    Bulletin

03/03/2024       Audio    Bulletin 

03/10/2024       Audio    Bulletin

03/17/2024       Audio    Bulletin

03/24/2024       Audio    Bulletin

03/28/2024       Audio    Bulletin

03/31/2024       Audio    Bulletin

04/07/2024       Audio    Bulletin

04/14/2024       Audio    Bulletin

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