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This Week at Banning UMC Feb 4, 2018

Sunday's Scripture:

Hebrew Scripture: Isaiah 40: 21 - 31

Gospel Reading: Mark 1: 29 -39


Banning United Methodist Church welcomes any newcomers joining us for worship this Sunday! We hope our worship service touches your heart and that you feel the presence of the Lord.

If you have any questions about our church, please call the church office at 849-3413. If you would like Pastor Brenda to give you a call please message her via this website Visit Us - Contact Us

May God bless your day.

Sunday, February 4th

9:00 AM Adult Sunday School - Office Lounge Chapel

9:45 AM Prayers Sunday

10:25 AM Worship Service

Monday, February 5th

10:00 AM Sunday Morning Recap on Monday - The Haven, 42 W Ramsey St, Banning

Tuesday, February 6th

9:00 AM The Gathering - Office Lounge

Wednesday, February 7th

9:30 AM United Methodist Women - Narthex

Thursday, February 8th

7:00 PM Choir Practice - Church




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